Is File Master Safe

The main purpose of file managers is, of course, to manage files. Long years of constant development and improvement of such programs have become the reason for their unprecedented expansion in breadth.

File Master Overview

File managers contain a huge number of service functions that are only indirectly related to file management. And this is not surprising. A potential buyer needs to be surprise, charm with something, make him pay attention to this particular software product. Hence the difficulty of mastering modern file managers, system requirements. The situation turns out to be the opposite. A computer works fine even in the hands of a user who does not understand anything about file systems. As a consequence, there is a slight decline in the popularity of file managers.

The application of qualification analysis and certification of File Master leads to an increase in the quality of manufacturers’ work in the design and development of IT products. Security-qualified products are significantly less likely to develop errors and security flaws and vulnerabilities than conventional products. All this allows us to say that the use of the criteria has a positive and constructive impact on the process of forming requirements, developing a product, the product itself, and its operation.

To make sure is file master safe, a security policy defines a consistent set of security mechanisms and services that are adequate for the values to be protected and the environment in which they are used. Such an analysis presupposes the mandatory identification of possible sources of threats, factors contributing to their manifestation (vulnerabilities), and, as a consequence, the identification of actual threats to information security. In this case, the term threat is understood as a possible danger (potential or actually existing) of the commission of any act (action or inaction) directed against the object of protection.

The Main Characteristics of File Master

With File Master, you can copy, move, rename, delete, and share files using any of your storage locations. It also allows you to view and access files by category, as well as:

  • Application Manager and Process Manager. This full-featured file manager will intelligently analyze storage usage, detect large files, redundant files, and newly created files. This way, users can get information about storage usage and easily delete unneeded files, as well as other files and folders that are no longer needed.
  • Regulation – a method of information protection, in which access to the storage and transmission of data in case of an unauthorized request is minimized.
  • Coercion is a method that forces users to follow certain rules when accessing non-public information. Violation of the established protocol leads to penalties, administrative and criminal liability.
  • Incentive – a method that is based on ethical and moral norms that prohibit the use of prohibited information, and encourages to comply with the established rules.

Ensuring the protection of information is impossible without a systematic analysis of the relevant security threats with File Master. The basis of such an analysis should be a classification of threats according to certain basic criteria, which gives the researcher a holistic idea of various options for destructive influences and their consequences.

A security threat, as noted earlier, is understood as a situation in which basic services can be violated, for example the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information. Morphological analysis shows that the following main components of the information security threat can be identified: the source of impact on the information system, the method of impact, information objects of impact, as well as the result of the impact (damage caused).