Which Company Offers the Best online board portal in 2022?

Board meetings and various collegiate events, where normative acts are adopted and strategic issues are resolved, occupy an important place in business processes. Therefore, more companies are setting up board portals to optimize these operations. So, what is the leading board portal in 2022?

Board portal solution for virtual business collaboration

To remain competitive and survive in the era of digital transformation, companies are aware of the need for change and the use of modern virtual technologies. The priority in the enterprise’s activity is the development and dissemination of corporate knowledge, flexible change in the organizational structure, customer-oriented approach, innovation, etc. Digital transformation is carried out in various planes of the organization. Technologies and business processes are changing, modifying organizations’ structure, governance system, and culture. Today, the organization of the board of directors’ activities is also changing.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the use of information technology for virtual interaction and organizing remote collaboration is becoming an essential factor in minimizing damage to business entities. As a result, online board portal solutions are becoming one of the most demanded administrative services of virtual interaction between board members.

In current conditions, the functionality of the board portal has expanded significantly, including auxiliary intraorganizational services like web hosting, data storage on the company’s server, use of robotic secretaries, conducting electronic document management, and secure access channels.

The market of cloud-based digital solutions in 2022 offers many reliable full-features board software vendors. They are as follows:

    • Diligent
    • Boardadvantage
    • Boardeffect
    • Sherpany
    • Wrike
    • Govenda
    • Nasdaq
    • OnBoard
    • Boardmaps.

Boardeffect – the best board software provider in 2022

Boardeffect is a highly-estimated cloud-based platform designed for preparing and conveying business meetings of executive bodies. This software helps to organize and control the process of executing any task. Each task can be divided into several functions so that the performers can accurately navigate the stages of the goal. Due to this approach, it is always possible to track at what stage difficulties arose and whose fault the delays were, which will allow for building effective work of board members. Furthermore, Boardeffect is another solution within the framework of a flexible configuration of the database structure, carried out by the user himself, which allows board members to build adaptive, secure information systems that can quickly change along with changes in the company’s business processes. And this is another important advantage you should consider when choosing a board software.

The key features of the 

    • Preparing a corporate meeting includes planning resources, setting the agenda for the meeting, determining speakers, and places, coordinating the date and time, inviting participants, and sending notifications to participants about the event’s details by e-mail.
    • Registration of participants, the decisions made in the minutes, sending notifications of the approval of the minutes to all board members.
    • Sending notifications to performers about assigned assignments, monitoring the execution of assignments, and informing interested meeting participants about the execution of assignments and tasks.
    • Viewing all necessary materials for the meeting.
    • Reports for assessing the effectiveness of the board meeting are generated according to customizable templates, which makes it possible to customize the visualization of information further.
    • View statistics about the meeting in real-time, broken down by the number of completed and closed orders.
    • Formation of various reports such as executive discipline control, the total number of meetings held for the period, the number of participants, the number of outstanding instructions indicating the responsible persons, the number of completed and closed questions, etc.