Contractzen VDR Review

ContractZen governance software is ideal for contract management, board meeting management, entity management, e-signature, and virtual data room.

The Main Functions of ContractZen Governance Software

ContractZen draws on the expertise and experience of R&D professionals from X-Force, one of the world’s most respected commercial security research organizations. Therefore, our consultants exclusively are well versed in network attack techniques and are able to prevent the threat of an attack before your business suffers.

Evolution has also touched on digital certificates or digital keys that can be used to secure communications, verify identity and verify the source of authorized software. Digital certificates have been around for decades, but deployment, provisioning, and security make them difficult to use and difficult to implement. Fortunately, modern management systems and device access tools have made digital keys more accessible, easier, and safer to deploy, while making them easier to use. In the coming years, we will see the development of digital certificate management tools, which will include the transfer of ownership, ensuring the transparency of the chain of ownership and access.

ContractZen access control is carried out using functions such as:

  • Identification of the identity of the user, working personnel, and information resource systems by measures such as assigning a personal identifier to each user and object;
  • Authentication, which establishes the belonging of a subject or object to the identifier declared by it;
  • Verification of the compliance of powers, which consists in establishing the exact time of day, day of the week, and resources for carrying out the procedures planned by the regulations;
  • Access to carry out the work established by the regulations and the creation of the necessary conditions for their implementation;
  • Registration in the form of written logging of requests for access to protective resources;
  • Responding to an attempt at unauthorized actions in the form of noise alarms, shutdowns, refusal of a request, and delay in work.

What Are the Safety Assurance Requirements of ContractZen?

As a result of the analysis of security vulnerabilities, properties of threat sources (nature of occurrence, nature, attitude to IP objects), and the probabilities of their possible implementation in a specific environment, risks for a given set of information resources are determined. This, in turn, allows you to determine the protection strategy, which is specified by the security policy.

ContractZen protection strategy developed by the subject of information relations can provide for one of the possible lines of behavior for each of the threats: an attempt to eliminate the source of the threat, evasion from the threat, acceptance of the threat, and minimization of damage from an attack caused by this threat using security services and mechanisms. It should be borne in mind that some vulnerabilities may persist even after the application of protection measures.

Safety assurance requirements (adequacy) of contractzen:

  1. Project management.
  2. Distribution.
  3. Development.
  4. Documentation.
  5. Development process.
  6. Testing,
  7. Analysis of protection.

To conduct the proficiency test, Contractzen must submit the following materials:

  • Analysis for its completeness, consistency, feasibility, and the possibility of using it as a set of requirements for the analyzed product.
  • Analysis for its compliance with the requirements of the Protection Profile, as well as completeness, consistency, feasibility, and the possibility of using it as a reference in the analysis of a product.
  • The result of the qualification analysis is the conclusion that the analyzed product complies with the submitted protection. The conclusion consists of several reports, differing in the level of detail and containing the opinion of experts on qualifications.